Aqua yoga is one of the newest yoga variations. Some find traditional yoga, on a mat, difficult and even painful. No two people are alike, and physically, some find it hard or even impossible to strike certain yoga poses.

Yoga in a pool allows the buoyant quality of water to reduce the amount of stress on your joints and limbs. Water is also more resistant to your body movements than air. This means you get the maximum health benefits from aqua yoga, while experiencing less pain in your lower back, joints and limbs.

While aqua yoga is ideally suited for beginners, yoga veterans can benefit as well. Poses you perform on land offer a completely different experience in water. As you probably know, yoga is a wonderful stress beater. The weightlessness of water takes this stress relief to a whole new level.

A search for “aqua yoga yourcity” will reveal where you can go in your area to experience this relaxing and rewarding form of yoga. If water yoga is not offered where you live, check sites like YouTube and Amazon for helpful videos and downloadable e-books. Whether you are a beginner or veteran yoga practitioner, give aqua yoga a try. Your joints and limbs, as well as your mental state, will thank you.

Here’s a video from POPSUGAR Fitness that shows four water poses for a tight core.