Whether you’re six or sixty – or beyond, Yoga can enhance your life, both mentally and physically. A child can benefit from Yoga’s self-discipline and mental and physical dexterity. A senior citizen can benefit from the increased mobility, improved concentration and memory and much more.

Practicing Yoga regularly will naturally improve every aspect of the functioning of your body and mind.

Here are some simple aspects of Yoga that will physically and mentally help all age groups:

Yoga Benefits Flexibility

Yoga exercises are fun for children and help them keep the natural flexibility they’re born with. Older people can also become more flexible and practicing yoga can also help with health problems such as arthritis and bad circulation – no matter what time in life they begin the Yoga practice.

Teens can also benefit from the mental aspects of Yoga by building their inner strength so they’re more able to resist hormonal urges and bad influences.

Yoga Eases Pregnancies

Young mothers can benefit from Yoga exercises, both mental and physical. The backaches and poor circulation that sometimes occurs during pregnancy can be alleviated with gentle, but effective Yoga exercises for pregnant women.

One word of caution though – before practicing Yoga during pregnancy, check with your health care professional to be sure that you’re performing the correct exercises for yours and the baby’s health.

Yoga Can Help Reduce Obesity

All age groups where there are overweight conditions can benefit from the practice of Yoga. Overeating that results from anxiety, depression and genetic maladies can be greatly helped by the meditation and poses of Yoga.

When you build a more powerful body and have a more empowered mind, you can resist urges much easier than you can when you’re physically and mentally impaired.

Yoga Can Help Fight Asthma and Allergies

People of any age group who suffer from allergies and the debilitating effects of asthma can benefit from the deep breathing and relaxation techniques of Yoga.

Deep breathing opens passageways and delivers much needed oxygen to the body and mind. Yoga’s relaxation techniques were found to be very helpful in children who suffer from asthma.

Yoga Can Improve Concentration and Memory

Children who suffer from ADHD can greatly benefit from the Yoga exercises that concentrate on focusing the mind.

If you have a child in school, you’ll likely notice a marked improvement in his or her concentration abilities. Practicing Yoga after the age of 50 can do wonders for your memory and to keep the disease of Alzheimer’s at bay.

The vitality and sharpness that can be developed by practicing Yoga techniques are necessary for any age group. All of the Yoga asanas are designed to help the body physically and mentally – increasing creativity and intuition besides the obvious physical benefits.

Grow Old Gracefully

Whether you’re a young beginner to the practice of Yoga or a senior citizen who needs to increase flexibility and mental acuteness, Yoga has something wonderful in store for you.

As you learn and grow from your Yoga experience, you’ll find a difference when you look in the mirror and when you move your body. The new flexibility you’ll enjoy can be obtained by practicing stretching exercises for a few moments a day.

You’ll wonder at the ease of these valuable, yet gentle exercises and will soon look forward to every Yoga session. After awhile of practicing Yoga, most people say that they have a new attitude and a new appreciation of life.

Yoga as an exercise is nearly perfect – and Yoga as a stress reliever and mind relaxer can slow down the ravages of time as we age and help every aspect of our mental concentration and well-being.

Enter the practice of Yoga with an open mind and expect to feel better than you ever have.

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