Myths and Facts about Yoga


There are a lot of myths about yoga that can often prevent people interested in yoga to even give it a try. In this article we will look at some of the most common [...]

Myths and Facts about Yoga2017-11-01T21:19:03-04:00

How Can Seniors Benefit From Yoga?


Many seniors think there is no way they can ever do yoga because they are not skinny enough ornot bendy like a pretzel. In fact, seniors are the ones who can benefit most from [...]

How Can Seniors Benefit From Yoga?2017-10-03T18:41:49-04:00

3 Main Health Benefits Of Yoga


You’ve probably heard about the many health benefits of yoga, and maybe your doctor told you to get more exercise too. But knowing that exercise is good for you is not the same as [...]

3 Main Health Benefits Of Yoga2016-11-18T15:35:48-05:00

How Yoga Improves Balance


When yoga came to the Western countries, it was obvious from the beginning that yoga improves balance because of the many different poses. But why are these balancing poses so important to improve health, [...]

How Yoga Improves Balance2016-10-22T16:30:18-04:00

Why Choose Yoga?


Yoga has been around for thousands of years, it is a cherished practice in Eastern culture and is used by millions in the United States and Europe. While some may not know this, yoga [...]

Why Choose Yoga?2016-10-24T13:59:54-04:00

The Health Advantages of Meditation


The Health Advantages Of Meditation And Medical Conditions Helped By Meditation You’ve likely heard about the health benefits of yoga in improving mental and physical health and improving flexibility, and you might assume that [...]

The Health Advantages of Meditation2016-11-08T17:15:30-05:00

The Next-Level Health and Fitness Innovations


A New Generation Of Fitness Innovations That Will Rock The Fitness World Thanks to the evolutions of our smart phones — and now smart-watches — the digital revolution is continually expanding new health integrations. [...]

The Next-Level Health and Fitness Innovations2016-11-08T17:23:27-05:00

Yoga Versus Pilates


Yoga Versus Pilates And Which Should You Choose? While both yoga and Pilates take an integrated mind-body approach to fitness and well-being, their origins, approach to these objectives and methods differ greatly. The emergence [...]

Yoga Versus Pilates2016-11-08T17:36:13-05:00

Is Yoga Losing Its Roots?


New Trends In Yoga Seem Far Away From Real Yoga Roots Yoga is one of the most interesting health, wellness, and fitness programs that both men and women can enjoy. It creates a more [...]

Is Yoga Losing Its Roots?2016-11-08T17:44:23-05:00
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