Introduction to the Basic Types of Yoga


There are quite a number of types of yogas these days that try to differentiate themselves from one another and emphasize certain aspects of yoga. If you live in a moderately large city, you [...]

Introduction to the Basic Types of Yoga2017-11-15T11:37:41-05:00

How Yoga Benefits All Age Groups


Whether you're six or sixty - or beyond, Yoga can enhance your life, both mentally and physically. A child can benefit from Yoga's self-discipline and mental and physical dexterity. A senior citizen can benefit [...]

How Yoga Benefits All Age Groups2017-09-02T17:12:11-04:00

Mental Benefits Of Yoga


Besides the obvious health benefits of Yoga, the poses, meditation, deep-breathing and stretching can also help your mental well-being. Increased body awareness, relief of chronic stress and relaxation are just a few of the [...]

Mental Benefits Of Yoga2017-08-21T14:59:44-04:00

Yoga For Health


People often turn to Yoga for health and the preventative and therapeutic benefits it offers. The body and mind can be renewed by the stretching and deep breathing involved without having to risk injuries [...]

Yoga For Health2017-08-07T17:20:46-04:00

The Benefits Of Being More Flexible


We know stretching increases flexibility, but do the benefits of being more flexible make it worthwhile to put forth the effort and time it takes to stretch? To gain the benefits, stretching must be [...]

The Benefits Of Being More Flexible2017-05-08T17:55:21-04:00

4 Yoga Benefits You Might Want To Know About


Yoga through meditation works remarkably to achieve harmony and helps the mind work in synchronization with the body. How often do we find that we are unable to perform our activities properly and in [...]

4 Yoga Benefits You Might Want To Know About2017-05-08T17:38:47-04:00

Yoga for Beginners – Free eBook


Since ancient times, Yoga has been practiced for its many physical and mental benefits. The advantages of utilizing Yoga in your life have been studied and perfected for many years and it can work [...]

Yoga for Beginners – Free eBook2017-04-05T17:12:24-04:00

Yoga For Beginners – What Is Yoga?


From a working mom with 5 children to a pro athlete, from a teenager to a seventy-year old, Yoga has so many benefits for both physical and mental health — yet many folks are [...]

Yoga For Beginners – What Is Yoga?2017-03-14T17:11:24-04:00

The Power of Bikram Yoga and Its Benefits


* Bikram Yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury, a former Olympic weightlifter. These yoga classes last about 90 minutes and go through a series of 26 poses. Bikram yoga’s trademark is the hot temperatures [...]

The Power of Bikram Yoga and Its Benefits2017-02-14T10:38:16-05:00
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