How to Take a Gluten & Wheat-Free Vacation


Whenever you’re plagued by something like Celiac Disease, where you’re gluten intolerant, it makes it hard to travel far from home. Special dietary needs have to follow you everywhere, and the only way to [...]

How to Take a Gluten & Wheat-Free Vacation2017-12-06T17:12:53-05:00

Gluten-Free Out and About


*If you are eating out at a restaurant and you want to eat gluten-free, it means doing your homework first. Simply ask a lot of questions. Ask point-blank if gluten-free options are offered. Then [...]

Gluten-Free Out and About2017-12-06T13:56:27-05:00

Adapting to a Gluten-Free Diet


Keeping your kitchen contamination-free is extremely important if you have celiac disease, or a gluten sensitivity. There may be those in your family that do not have a problem with gluten. So there could [...]

Adapting to a Gluten-Free Diet2017-12-03T20:13:52-05:00

The Problem with Gluten for Some People


Gluten and its many variations can cause simple digestive sensitivities, or serious conditions like celiac disease. Let's take a look at some of the common problems wheat and gluten cause, and the chemical process [...]

The Problem with Gluten for Some People2017-10-12T17:55:44-04:00

Wheat and Gluten – What’s the Difference?


* Some people suffer from allergies and intolerances to wheat and/or gluten. These allergies and intolerances can cause symptoms that are fairly mild to life threatening. But what is the difference between wheat and gluten? [...]

Wheat and Gluten – What’s the Difference?2017-09-02T16:54:26-04:00

What About Gluten Free Products


Everywhere you look there are gluten free products. You can find gluten free mustard, gluten free cinnamon rolls, and gluten free pastas. When you’re eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet, it’s tempting to [...]

What About Gluten Free Products2016-11-09T18:19:19-05:00

Why Go Wheat Free?


Let’s talk about what might happen when you stop eating wheat. There is a very good chance that you’ve been living with symptoms that you thought were just a part of life. When you [...]

Why Go Wheat Free?2016-11-09T18:19:51-05:00
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