Aging and Free Radicals


Aging is a mysterious process to many people. The theory of aging and free radicals has become quite mainstream in recent history. Understanding this theory takes a bit of technical knowledge. To understand free [...]

Aging and Free Radicals2017-10-09T19:08:46-04:00

Mammograms 101


Have you ever had a mammogram? If you’re a female and over the age of 40, it is imperative you do so. Mammograms are an effective tool available to many women to aid in [...]

Mammograms 1012017-09-09T17:45:52-04:00

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation


*More and more diseases are popping up that are categorized under “Inflammatory Diseases” because doctors don’t know the exact cause or criteria for an accurate diagnosis. Traditionally, doctors understood inflammatory diseases to be things [...]

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation2017-09-09T12:40:02-04:00

What’s New In Anti Aging Research


There have been multiple studies done over the years in the area of anti-aging. Many studies are still ongoing and there is new research continually being conducted as researchers try to figure out ways [...]

What’s New In Anti Aging Research2017-09-09T11:54:51-04:00

Staying Cool Inside This Summer


Elevated temperatures can send you running inside this summer. If you are looking for ways to stay cool, here are some ideas. And, you can save money as well. As the thermometer gets red, [...]

Staying Cool Inside This Summer2017-07-17T09:01:58-04:00

Will Exercise Help You Live Longer?


There has long been a debate about if exercise will help you live longer. Even if multiple studies over a number of years have shown that if we have certain risk factors, such as [...]

Will Exercise Help You Live Longer?2017-01-27T16:57:30-05:00

Can We Use Music To Improve The Quality of Life?


The Music/Brain/Health Connection Researchers from Toronto discovered that we can use music to improve the quality of life. As music and sounds are perceived by our brain in the form of vibrations, these vibrations [...]

Can We Use Music To Improve The Quality of Life?2017-01-04T17:01:26-05:00

What Is Music Therapy?


Music and sound can be used to treat physical and mental illnesses. Viewed as nothing more than snake oil in the past, music therapy is widely recognized as a successful treatment for many health [...]

What Is Music Therapy?2016-12-21T17:57:43-05:00

Why Meditation Is The Salvation Of The Modern World


In today's modern, technology driven and fast-paced cyber-society, the demands placed upon us seem to grow ever stronger. It has been found that we are working harder than ever before, with working weeks often [...]

Why Meditation Is The Salvation Of The Modern World2016-11-18T15:37:35-05:00
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