Do You Really Need to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?


There's a common assumption that hand sanitizers will help you avoid the COVID-19 virus. This is a misconception. While these little bottles of alcohol-based solutions can help to kill some bacteria, they're not your most [...]

Do You Really Need to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?2020-03-26T17:12:49-04:00

9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System During a Pandemic


There has been a lot of conflicting news going around about COVID-19. However, the general understanding is that this respiratory illness tends to cause deaths in people with a weaker immune system or in those [...]

9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System During a Pandemic2020-03-26T16:55:37-04:00

Step-By-Step Health Regimen


There are four main things that your physical body needs to survive: #1 Oxygen #2 Hydration #3 Nutrition #4 Rejuvenation #1 Oxygen Our bodies can survive many weeks without food, several days without water, but [...]

Step-By-Step Health Regimen2020-03-18T17:31:46-04:00

The Importance Of Our Immune System


The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against an alien microorganism entering the body. And many people do not understand or neglect the importance of our immune system on [...]

The Importance Of Our Immune System2020-03-18T17:43:27-04:00

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Before we take a look at some natural remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it is important to recognize the signs and get a proper assessment. Ideally you'll find a functional medicine practitioner that is committed [...]

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2017-12-06T13:12:41-05:00

How to Decrease Inflammation


Inflammation acts as a horn blowing in the body to signify that you need to pay attention. There are two types of inflammation you can have in the body. One is temporary and the [...]

How to Decrease Inflammation2017-11-21T11:13:42-05:00

The 5 Most Common Stress Addictions


*If you mist our article “Addictions Stemming from Stress or Pain Management” go read that first by clicking on the link above. In this article we address how the majority of people who live with [...]

The 5 Most Common Stress Addictions2017-10-11T16:29:13-04:00

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?


A sparse amount of inflammation in your body is normal. It’s your body’s way of fighting off foreign invaders, by attacking the spot where it’s not well. But sometimes your body has chronic inflammation, and [...]

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?2017-10-12T19:44:44-04:00

Aging and Free Radicals


Aging is a mysterious process to many people. The theory of aging and free radicals has become quite mainstream in recent history. Understanding this theory takes a bit of technical knowledge. To understand free [...]

Aging and Free Radicals2017-10-09T19:08:46-04:00

Inflammatory Diseases


* Inflammatory diseases are more researched in modern medicine than in previous years. They can stay undetected in your body for months, even years…slowly spreading. They can cause heart attacks, stroke, even cancer. Previously, some [...]

Inflammatory Diseases2017-10-03T19:05:38-04:00

Mammograms 101


Have you ever had a mammogram? If you’re a female and over the age of 40, it is imperative you do so. Mammograms are an effective tool available to many women to aid in [...]

Mammograms 1012017-09-09T17:45:52-04:00

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation


*More and more diseases are popping up that are categorized under “Inflammatory Diseases” because doctors don’t know the exact cause or criteria for an accurate diagnosis. Traditionally, doctors understood inflammatory diseases to be things [...]

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation2017-09-09T12:40:02-04:00
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