Antioxidants and Diet


*The human body is always under attack. Viruses, UV light, bacteria and even free radicals are constantly trying to invade or destroy normal cell function. Free radicals are one of the most talked-about threats [...]

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Benefits of Exercise


*The benefits of exercise for your body are so much wider than most people ever imagine. Everyone knows that exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight. We have all been lectured on cardiovascular [...]

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Low Carb Diet Tips


* If you are following a low carb diet here are a few tips to help you reach your weight loss goals. 1. Know when to consume carbohydrates You need to be aware of your [...]

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Low Carb Diet Foods


* Sticking to a low carb diet may seem difficult in the beginning because it does entail food restrictions, some of which you may be quite attached to. However, if you follow and persist with [...]

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