Horseback Riding Your Way To Fitness


* Few activities are as rewarding as riding a horse. It's an ancient practice that survives to this day, when we have all sorts of other modes of transportation. The horse still plays a significant [...]

Horseback Riding Your Way To Fitness2017-08-21T15:12:25-04:00

Fun Family Fitness – Kayaking


These days, families are looking for ways to keep fit. "Family fitness" has become a common term, and many people are looking for ways they can have fun and get in shape. Kayaking is [...]

Fun Family Fitness – Kayaking2017-08-14T10:16:09-04:00

2 Signs That The Summer Heat Is Getting To You


*Many people die from heat-related illnesses each year. One way to avoid that is to know the signs that the heat is getting to you. Keep reading to learn about protecting your health. Illness [...]

2 Signs That The Summer Heat Is Getting To You2017-08-01T15:37:16-04:00

Summer Pool Safety


One of the best ways to cool off in the summer is to take a splash in the pool. Whether you have a pool in your yard or you visit one in the neighborhood, [...]

Summer Pool Safety2017-07-17T08:47:54-04:00

Fun Summer Activities For Families


We all have busy lives, but there is no better time than summer to expand your family activities to the outdoors. Here are some ideas for fun things everyone can participate in when the [...]

Fun Summer Activities For Families2017-07-17T08:39:45-04:00

7 Tips For Beating The Summer Heat


When the weather gets warm, everyone wants to enjoy a little fun in the sun. If your job or your leisure activities have you spending a lot of time out of doors, you might [...]

7 Tips For Beating The Summer Heat2017-07-10T15:19:46-04:00

Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking


One of the most enjoyable ways to get fit this summer is by hiking and walking. There are ways to make your walk or hike more beneficial and successful. Here are some of the [...]

Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking2017-07-10T15:04:01-04:00

Summer Wardrobe Ideas


During the winter, we layer on clothing to keep our temperatures up. When the summer arrives, we want to shed it and come out of hibernation. Here are some ideas to help you fashion [...]

Summer Wardrobe Ideas2017-07-10T10:23:30-04:00
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