Infused Water Tips


Infused water is the process of adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your water, then letting these ingredients flavor the water. In addition to providing a delicious flavor with a wide range of combination [...]

Infused Water Tips2017-02-22T14:40:37-05:00

Eating Out Gluten Free


Don’t be surprised if you don’t get complete support from your friends or community. The gluten free diet comes attached to many biases and misconceptions. I’ve been called something I’d rather not repeat by [...]

Eating Out Gluten Free2016-11-09T18:18:09-05:00

What About Gluten Free Products


Everywhere you look there are gluten free products. You can find gluten free mustard, gluten free cinnamon rolls, and gluten free pastas. When you’re eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet, it’s tempting to [...]

What About Gluten Free Products2016-11-09T18:19:19-05:00

The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet


The paleo diet is an awesome diet that has thousands of fans all over the world. Books on this subject have become bestsellers. People have lost weight, reduced allergies, gained control of their health [...]

The Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet2017-02-22T14:45:11-05:00

Fat Burning Foods – Top 10 Choices


When it comes to burning body fat, losing weight or maintaining your weight loss, the fat burning foods you choose to eat have a big impact on how your body responds and whether or [...]

Fat Burning Foods – Top 10 Choices2017-02-22T14:46:06-05:00

Wheat Free Living – Is It For You?


There is a growing interest for wheat free living as the awareness of how wheat affects the body and the rise of known cases of Celiac disease is becoming an increasing health concern. There [...]

Wheat Free Living – Is It For You?2016-11-09T18:20:30-05:00

How to Make Lavender Lemonade


Get Rid of Headaches and Anxiety With Lavender Lemonade There’s a strong correlation between anxiety and headaches, and between how stressed you are and how much sleep you get. Obviously when you can’t get [...]

How to Make Lavender Lemonade2016-11-08T17:45:02-05:00
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