Step-By-Step Health Regimen


There are four main things that your physical body needs to survive: #1 Oxygen #2 Hydration #3 Nutrition #4 Rejuvenation #1 Oxygen Our bodies can survive many weeks without food, several days without water, but [...]

Step-By-Step Health Regimen2020-03-18T17:31:46-04:00

The Importance Of Our Immune System


The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against an alien microorganism entering the body. And many people do not understand or neglect the importance of our immune system on [...]

The Importance Of Our Immune System2020-03-18T17:43:27-04:00

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Before we take a look at some natural remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it is important to recognize the signs and get a proper assessment. Ideally you'll find a functional medicine practitioner that is committed [...]

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2017-12-06T13:12:41-05:00

Natural Foods to Lower Inflammation


*Having inflammation anywhere in the body is a sign that you have an immune system that’s gone haywire. While inflammation can happen for any reason - illness, getting injured, or even simple muscle or [...]

Natural Foods to Lower Inflammation2017-12-04T11:06:46-05:00

Can Aromatherapy Help For Pain Treatment?


*The Arthritis Foundation is just one of many respected health organizations that believes in the power of aromatherapy for pain treatment. Furthermore, different scents and essential oils have proven effective for treating different types [...]

Can Aromatherapy Help For Pain Treatment?2017-11-15T10:42:40-05:00

Health Benefits Of Elderberries


There is a lot of talk going on about the health benefits of Elderberries. Elderberries and the elderberry syrup are extremely HOT right now. We have been researching health and herbal remedies for just [...]

Health Benefits Of Elderberries2017-11-01T20:30:55-04:00

What Is Eczema?


Eczema is the term used to describe a wide variety of skin conditions that are commonly manifested by dryness, redness, and itchiness caused by inflammation. Eczema can affect any age groups. Eczema is believed [...]

What Is Eczema?2017-10-12T17:41:03-04:00

Acupressure For Pain Relief And More


The Painful Realities Of Life Time flies huh? Before you know it, the kids are grown and out of the house and you can finally look forward to a little rest and relaxation. After [...]

Acupressure For Pain Relief And More2017-05-08T16:28:40-04:00

5 Medical Uses For Hypnosis


Before we get into how hypnosis can help you improve your overall health, it’s important to note that most people have the wrong idea about hypnosis. When it comes to medicine — using hypnosis [...]

5 Medical Uses For Hypnosis2017-04-10T13:02:05-04:00

5 Tips to Improve Mobility with Arthritis


For many people, especially the elderly, arthritis is a debilitating illness. Arthritis causes increased inflammation around the joint that can lead to immobility and pain. While there are conventional medical treatments that are available [...]

5 Tips to Improve Mobility with Arthritis2017-04-05T18:09:41-04:00

5 Natural Ways To Improve Sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep can be refreshing and rejuvenating. For millions, though, a good night’s sleep seems just out of reach. People of all ages across the globe suffer from occasional to chronic [...]

5 Natural Ways To Improve Sleep2017-03-02T10:29:54-05:00
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