5 Smart Weight Loss Decisions


Weight loss is hard right? Well, in a way- yes. But really it shouldn’t be, at least with a little planning, and a lot of smart decisions. As humans, we tend to know what [...]

5 Smart Weight Loss Decisions2017-09-02T20:50:25-04:00

Is A Gluten Free Diet Plan Healthy For Everyone?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of the Gluten free madness taking over consumers. Of course with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus on board with the craze, [...]

Is A Gluten Free Diet Plan Healthy For Everyone?2017-04-13T14:11:32-04:00

3 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress


Tracking fitness progress can be a simple as monitoring the change in the way your favorite jeans fit. While that is one way to know you are making progress, a better way is to [...]

3 Ways To Track Your Fitness Progress2017-05-08T17:03:11-04:00

Why Stress Feeds Belly Fat


If you’re struggling with belly fat, you’ve probably tried every diet possible. If those diets aren’t working for you it’s possible that the cause of your belly fat is really about your stress levels [...]

Why Stress Feeds Belly Fat2017-05-08T16:12:13-04:00

Power Yoga – Power It Up!


Some may not be familiar with the term Power Yoga, but Power Yoga is known as the western version of Ashtanga Yoga. Beryl Bender Birch was the one who gave the term Power Yoga. [...]

Power Yoga – Power It Up!2017-05-02T10:48:14-04:00

Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 1 Week?


If you are looking for quick weight loss, you definitely can lose weight in just 1 week. There it is, that's the good news. However, as with all things in life, you get what [...]

Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 1 Week?2017-04-05T09:00:44-04:00

6 Ways A Pedometer Can Help You Stay Fit


A pedometer is a portable device that could either be electromechanical or electronic, designed to count each step a person takes by sensing the motion of their hips or swing of their hands. Old [...]

6 Ways A Pedometer Can Help You Stay Fit2017-02-22T13:25:01-05:00

Cellulite Massage – Does It Work Or Are You Wasting Money?


There are many types of massage such as Thai massage, Shiatsu, Swedish massage. All these different types of massage employ different techniques to achieve different desirable results for the body from lymphatic drainage, to [...]

Cellulite Massage – Does It Work Or Are You Wasting Money?2016-11-26T13:21:39-05:00

Fat Burning Foods – Top 10 Choices


When it comes to burning body fat, losing weight or maintaining your weight loss, the fat burning foods you choose to eat have a big impact on how your body responds and whether or [...]

Fat Burning Foods – Top 10 Choices2017-02-22T14:46:06-05:00
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