Do You Really Need to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?


There's a common assumption that hand sanitizers will help you avoid the COVID-19 virus. This is a misconception. While these little bottles of alcohol-based solutions can help to kill some bacteria, they're not your most [...]

Do You Really Need to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer?2020-03-26T17:12:49-04:00

Safety First When Starting Yoga


When first starting with a new form of exercise, safety should come first, that includes yoga. This is particularly true if you have not worked out for a while. Yoga is a complete workout [...]

Safety First When Starting Yoga2017-12-06T14:09:09-05:00

Mammograms 101


Have you ever had a mammogram? If you’re a female and over the age of 40, it is imperative you do so. Mammograms are an effective tool available to many women to aid in [...]

Mammograms 1012017-09-09T17:45:52-04:00

5 Common Skin Disorders


Being the largest organ of the human body, your skin is subject to any number of health risks. Your skin provides the initial defense against infection and disease, as it is one of the [...]

5 Common Skin Disorders2017-09-02T16:35:43-04:00

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation


*More and more diseases are popping up that are categorized under “Inflammatory Diseases” because doctors don’t know the exact cause or criteria for an accurate diagnosis. Traditionally, doctors understood inflammatory diseases to be things [...]

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation2017-09-09T12:40:02-04:00

7 Tips For Beating The Summer Heat


When the weather gets warm, everyone wants to enjoy a little fun in the sun. If your job or your leisure activities have you spending a lot of time out of doors, you might [...]

7 Tips For Beating The Summer Heat2017-07-10T15:19:46-04:00

Summer Wardrobe Ideas


During the winter, we layer on clothing to keep our temperatures up. When the summer arrives, we want to shed it and come out of hibernation. Here are some ideas to help you fashion [...]

Summer Wardrobe Ideas2017-07-10T10:23:30-04:00

FREE eBook: Why Everyone Should Stretch Regularly


The human body was intended to be active. This means a lot of movement. You can move more efficiently when you have a limber, flexible body that promotes balance, mobility and independence. This is [...]

FREE eBook: Why Everyone Should Stretch Regularly2017-05-08T17:06:51-04:00

4 Diseases That Exercise Can Help Prevent


Exercise does so much more than simply enable you to tone up for the summer season or fit into that little dress you love so much. In fact, regular physical activity actually works to [...]

4 Diseases That Exercise Can Help Prevent2017-02-22T12:56:19-05:00

Essential B Vitamins 101


B Vitamins are essential for many functions within the body B Vitamins are water soluble and essential for many functions within the body; it is vital that we have a sufficient quantity of each [...]

Essential B Vitamins 1012016-11-08T16:52:04-05:00

(Video) How to End Constipation?


Constipation is a big problem in the western world According to the medical community, constipation is defined as having 1 bowel movement every 2 to 3 days. But as holistic health care professionals, we [...]

(Video) How to End Constipation?2016-11-08T16:54:02-05:00
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