Safety First When Starting Yoga


When first starting with a new form of exercise, safety should come first, that includes yoga. This is particularly true if you have not worked out for a while. Yoga is a complete workout [...]

Safety First When Starting Yoga2017-12-06T14:09:09-05:00

What You Need To Know About Blood Sugar Levels


*When we talk about blood sugar levels, the first thing to understand is the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Hyper means high and hypo means low. So therefore, hyperglycemia is too high a blood [...]

What You Need To Know About Blood Sugar Levels2017-12-06T13:28:54-05:00

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Before we take a look at some natural remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it is important to recognize the signs and get a proper assessment. Ideally you'll find a functional medicine practitioner that is committed [...]

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome2017-12-06T13:12:41-05:00

Preventing Hair Loss


Preventing hair loss may seem to be an overwhelming and impossible task. Many people perceive this problem to be one of the natural consequences of aging, but for those who suffer hair loss early [...]

Preventing Hair Loss2017-12-04T10:39:46-05:00

What Is Psoriasis?


Psoriasis is a skin condition where the skin cells build up. The cells don't shed the way they should. This results in raised itchy red or silvery, flaky or scaly dry flakes, that are [...]

What Is Psoriasis?2017-12-03T20:31:27-05:00

How to Decrease Inflammation


Inflammation acts as a horn blowing in the body to signify that you need to pay attention. There are two types of inflammation you can have in the body. One is temporary and the [...]

How to Decrease Inflammation2017-11-21T11:13:42-05:00

Skin Cancer and Melanomas – What You Need to Know


Having a doctor tell you, "It's cancer," can be life-changing. There are numerous treatments for a wide variety of cancers, but as with many conditions, the best cure is prevention. Skin Cancer Is The [...]

Skin Cancer and Melanomas – What You Need to Know2017-11-21T11:14:42-05:00

Test For Inflammation In The Body


*A test for inflammation in the body is not something that we do regularly. In part because of anti-inflammatory medications, some people believe that having an inflammation in the body isn’t a big deal [...]

Test For Inflammation In The Body2017-11-07T18:27:18-05:00

4 Key Stretches For Walkers


*You might wonder why stretches for walkers is important. And although walking may be a simple workout, it is effective enough at aiding weight loss or even maintaining overall fitness. Therefore, to make the [...]

4 Key Stretches For Walkers2017-11-07T18:08:01-05:00

Anti-Aging Secrets Of Celebrities


*Do you ever wonder how certain celebrities maintain their youthful appearance as the years pass by? Certain Hollywood stars seem to have been blessed with the fountain of youth and look younger by the [...]

Anti-Aging Secrets Of Celebrities2017-10-12T19:57:07-04:00

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?


A sparse amount of inflammation in your body is normal. It’s your body’s way of fighting off foreign invaders, by attacking the spot where it’s not well. But sometimes your body has chronic inflammation, and [...]

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?2017-10-12T19:44:44-04:00

Antioxidants and Diet


*The human body is always under attack. Viruses, UV light, bacteria and even free radicals are constantly trying to invade or destroy normal cell function. Free radicals are one of the most talked-about threats [...]

Antioxidants and Diet2017-10-12T19:33:36-04:00
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