Nature. It’s such an undeniable part of our lives isn’t it?

As humans, we have thrived because of nature. Nature has taught us so much and given us so much that allows us to live our lives fully and to have everything that we need to fully express our capacities as humans. It has given us homes, buildings, water, air, food and it has given us beauty, joy, and peace. And yet, many of us have forgotten the important effect that nature has on the balance of our minds, of our lives.

Natural Beauty

Walk out into the world, into nature and stop, stand still and breathe. The title of this article will become completely clear to you the moment you do.

When you are surrounded by and immersed in nature you will feel something that many people, especially in the western world have forgotten, this being the peace, the calm and clarity that exists naturally in nature.

No matter where you go in nature there is no imposed expectation, there is no added pressure; there is nothing that needs to be done. You won’t find a boss, you won’t find a deadline, and you won’t find anything other than all that is natural, Mother Nature.

Returning To Clarity

If you can spend time in nature, putting down your daily life for a while, putting down your goals and objectives and just take time to listen, to watch, to breathe, to be still, you will return to a space of clarity in the mind. Normally our minds are racing, daily we have so much to think about that we never give ourselves time not to think, not to do, not to try to get done, or try to become. Nature naturally doesn’t have any of this.

If you walk out into nature and take a look, you will see that everything, everything just is. It is being, only naturally what it is, without any attempts to be something more, or to be something else even. This is what Enlightened Beings call the Natural Mind.

The Natural Mind

The natural mind is without conflict, without concern, without pressure and without stress. It is born of clarity, of calm and of peace. It is completely at one with the way of things. It knows nothing other than this state of natural perfection and it cannot know any other state. As humans, we have invented so many ways of trying to return to this, meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, naturism, naturalism, etc. etc. When in reality it is only because we have forgotten our natural mind that we have even needed to invent these disciplines and ways of living to try to return to it.

Being at one with nature again, not leaving the natural mind has the effect of allowing us to return to that original clarity, state of calm and peace. This is known by some as Spiritual Enlightenment but in reality, it is nothing special.

It Is Quite Simply, The Natural Way

Spiritual Enlightenment shows us that in reality, it quite simply means ‘being natural’. Since we naturally already have the calm, clear perspective of what is real and what is not, what is needed and what is not, what we are and what we are not, we only need to cultivate only that which is natural within ourselves and to let go of everything else that has built up in our minds, our spirit and our way of life. This has the natural effect of returning us to our natural state of mind.

By immersing ourselves in nature and taking time to breathe and to be still, to listen to the sounds, to feel the wind on our skin, to swim in the ocean, to walk through the forest, to watch the animals, we are encouraging our spirit to soar, to reach out into the world, and feel everything that it is… To once again, be one with the natural way of things!

This has not been completely forgotten, it has just been ignored.  It has been covered up with self-centered thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts, illusions. To return to the natural way of things, we should return to the ever-faithful mother nature, and remember to slow down, to let go, be natural, and be at peace.

Remember the natural way. Listen to nature and she will welcome you home. Just give it a try.