There are a lot of myths about yoga that can often prevent people interested in yoga to even give it a try. In this article we will look at some of the most common myths and let you know the facts so you can see whether or not yoga is right for you.

Myth #1: Yoga ?? not much of a workout

Fact: Yoga uses the weight of your body for strength training. It is as effective as other forms of workout, though depending on the type of yoga you may not always break a sweat. However, when you’re doing Power Yoga, you’ll be surprised how much you sweat and what an amazing workout you can get.

Myth #2: Yoga is for lazy people because it is so slow

Speed does not necessarily equal a better workout and it can often lead to injury. TUT or “Time Under Tension” is what modern functional training is all about today. The slow and steady movements are low-impact which means are safe for just about everyone, and because the time your muscles are under tension, you build strength and get often a much better workout than traditional fitness methods. In the same way that some weightlifters use TUT or slow lifting to work deeper into the muscle, yoga can build long, lean muscle more easily.

Myth #3 You don’t burn a lot of calories with yoga

Any movement of the body will burn calories. It is just a question of the rate of burn. Depending on the length of the yoga session and type of yoga, for instance, Hatha versus Bikram or ashtanga, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1300 calories in one 90 minute session.

Myth #4- Yoga can’t help me meet my weight loss goals

This myth is based on the 2 previous myths. The truth is that yoga helps you lose weight and then maintain it in a number of ways. Any exercise is good for you and helps your body burn calories. Lean muscle speeds up the metabolism and burns more calories than fat.

Myth #5- Yoga ?? just for Women

Yoga is for everyone, young or old, male as well as female. While it is true that a lot of women do yoga, it often has to do with the fact that is such an efficient workout and does not need a lot of fancy equipment or hours in the gym to show real results.

Myth #6-Yoga is only for skinny young people

Not true! It is great for people of all ages. And in fact, it is ideal for seniors, offering a safe, sensible workout they can do at home any time.

If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga, we hope these facts will dispel any myths you may have believed in, so you can strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

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