Besides the obvious health benefits of Yoga, the poses, meditation, deep-breathing and stretching can also help your mental well-being. Increased body awareness, relief of chronic stress and relaxation are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you begin the practice of Yoga.

More benefits of Yoga to your mind and spiritual well-being include:

Mind Benefits of Yoga are Sharper Concentration

Concentration is one of the essential elements to achieving success. Yoga scientifically creates harmony between the mind and body and helps everything you come into sharper focus. Foe example the Salutation Seal is one of the easiest Yoga poses and involves sitting cross-legged on the floor, joining the palms of your hands, keeping the spine straight and taking deep breaths as you rid your mind of worries.

Here’s a sample video on how to do the Yoga Salutation Seal pose:

Another Mental Benefit of Yoga is that it Relieves Stress

Yoga is highly recognized by mental professionals as a way to relieve stress and its by-products – such as depression and anxiety. It works by relieving symptoms that are related to these disorders – bringing a sense of well-being. Yoga activates the natural relaxation response of the body rather than relaxation by watching television. Any of the Yoga deep breathing, meditation or rhythmic exercises can help to relieve the stress we all face in today’s world.

Yoga Relieves Muscle Strain for a more Relaxed State of Mind

When your muscles are relaxed, your mind can also relax. The gentle stretching exercises of Yoga can switch your mind to concentrating on pain and anxiety to a more normal, relaxed state of the mind. The Kneeling Lunge Twist and the Revolved Triangle poses will help to relieve muscle strain while increasing circulation to the brain. As your muscles relax, so will your mind.

Here’s a video of Kino Yoga where Parivrtta Trikonasana demonstrates the Yoga Revolved Triangle Pose

Yoga Mental Benefits Are Centered Attention

Yoga is recommended by medical professionals to help those with attention deficit disorders. These disorders can handicap children and adults by causing them to be inattentive and to react impulsively. ADD benefits from the self-control and self-awareness Yoga exercises such as breathing techniques and any that specifically promote rest and relaxation.

Another Mental Benefit of Yoga is that it Free’s the Spirit

An internal mental attitude locked in stress and tension can’t be free to explore life. Tuning in to our breathing and becoming focused on our bodies and minds are the true elements of Yoga. Meditation is the act of being at one with ourselves – no distractions, remembering or thinking. The ego will gradually fade away and you can better free yourself from the bad habits and behavior that is holding you back from experiencing all that life has to offer.

Yoga is often misunderstood as mysterious and only for ‘weirdoes’ who have time to meditate for hours and experience levitation. But, Western scientists and medical professionals are beginning to discover that Yoga can help to relieve modern-day symptoms of stress and mental anxiety and anguish.

Anyone can practice Yoga and receive its many benefits – whether you only have ten minutes a day or hours. Yoga benefits people of all walks of life and all age groups.