Yoga and the many different yoga poses are not just a series of postures or poses, but rather a holistic art form. It combines the mental, spiritual and the physical, and has a deep connection to the world around us.

Overall, there is no other workout like yoga because it encompasses both physical fitness and mindfulness to yield a complete and comprehensive package to anyone that wants to improve the health of their mind, body and soul. That is why many of the names of the yoga poses have been taken from things that we see around us in nature, including tools. Every animal or plant or even an object has a purpose in life.

Yoga tries to emote and feel that purpose while doing the specific yoga pose. This name symbolism works in the Sanskrit as well as in the English name format. Such a unity can only make us appreciate things in life and inculcate the strength and quality of what we try to emulate.

There are many yoga poses which aim at the seven Chakras which directly lead to better physical and mental well being and help make our body function more efficiently.

Meditative Yoga Poses

So what are the main yoga poses and what do they mean?

The Lotus Pose

For starters, let is consider one of the main asanas (or poses) that is famous worldwide for meditation. It is called the lotus pose. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and energy and this is the yoga pose most people practice pranayama in. Pranayama is a yogic breathing practice that helps meditate and achieve enlightenment and bring immense peace of mind. The lotus pose is accompanied by Siddhasana which basically means accomplishment or the accomplished pose. Together, they represent supreme spiritual and mental clarity.

The Sun and the Moon Pose

Then there is the sun pose. It is essentially a combination of 10 yoga poses called surya namaskara or salutation to the sun and symbolises the might, power and life giving nature of the sun. It is also an ode to fire which purifies all. It is also a source of heat and light for humanity. Whilst doing the yoga sun salutation pose we fill our being with all these elements and become stronger human beings.

The moon pose juxtaposes the sun pose

The moon is the source of feminine energy. It also affects the water of earth resulting in tides which is seen in men as the flow of various emotions in our body. The sun and moon balance each other out. The emotive nature of the moon pose in the same way balances the masculine power of the sun pose. Practicing this yoga pose will help one grow emotionally and spiritually.

Animal Yoga Poses

Some common animal poses can also teach us a lot while doing Yoga:

  • The cobra pose emulates the courage and adventurous spirit of the cobra along with the ability to face the unknown.
  • The pigeon is known for its ability to make any place its home and fly long distances. That shows us the way to adapt and gel in any situation with confidence while dealing with the unknown.
  • The eagle pose teaches us to have vision and see things from a distance much like how the eagle does. Moreover, this yoga pose opens up the third eye chakra if done regularly.

Nature’s Yoga Poses

Nature is abundant with messages. Take the tree pose for example. The tree sways in the wind but is firmly rooted on the ground. It is flexible and rigid at the same time. This yoga pose brings in a balanced outlook to our lives.

Purpose of Objects

Even objects play a role. The plank pose, plough pose, and the bow pose are such examples of object yoga poses.

Each has a message that one could learn. The warrior pose delves into the warrior in each one of us and gives us the courage and strength to fight adversity and aim for victory.

The wheel is the mother of all creations and this yoga pose is symbolic of that fact.

Holistic Life of Yoga

Overall, there is no dearth of knowledge in yoga. However, a person truly interested in the spiritual aspect of this form should concentrate on understanding what the yoga poses mean and emulating that purpose in life rather than in getting each and every yoga pose perfect.

There is something for everyone in yoga.