* Some people wonder why their low carb diet isn’t working even though they feel they are trying really hard. Maltitol, a sugar alcohol, may be a hidden cause.

The consumption of food products that contain sugar alcohol such as maltitol is setting you up for failure. This substance has been known to sabotage the efforts of even the most well-intentioned dieter.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol substance that is commonly found in sugar-free and other low carb food products (labelled as healthy), such as low carb candy bars. A lot of low carb dieters indulge in these maltitol containing foods because they taste a lot like sugar.

Many dieters believe that maltitol has very little and often negligible effects on their blood sugar levels, however it does and can be the cause of your weight loss problem.

Unfortunately, studies reveal that these maltitol containing foods can not only cause weight loss efforts to be affected, but maltitol can cause several other side effects which can adversely impact your health and wellbeing.


Test subjects were found to experience dehydration after consuming more than 20 grams of maltitol. This is because maltitol has a laxative effect that causes mild to severe dehydration.

The problem here is, if you are thirsty and reach for a low carb diet drink that contains maltitol, the problem magnifies.

To counter this effect, make sure to drink water and if you must drink other fluids, choose ones that do not contain any maltitol.


Ingesting foods containing maltitol on an empty stomach has been found to cause headaches, especially if more than 20 grams of maltitol are consumed within a day.


Nausea is also a known side effect of ingesting maltitol. Your nausea may subside once the maltitol has been completely metabolized by the body. As a dieter you may assume that your nausea is due to a lack of food or feel you need to eat something to counteract your nauseas feelings. Obviously eating in response to these triggers will be counter-productive to your weight loss efforts.

Water Retention

Maltitol consumption may lead to excess water-retention. This is because the human body is not naturally adept at metabolizing sugar alcohols compared to digesting regular alcohols. In turn, the body will try its best to retain more water in an effort to digest the sugar alcohol. If you are regularly jumping on the scales and wondering why you aren’t losing weight, your body weight may be due to excess fluids. Stop eating low carb foods that contain maltitol and watch for changes.

Stomach Problems

Eating foods that contain maltitol may cause diarrhea, flatulence and excessive gas. In addition, stomach pain can be experienced. Once again, stomach discomfort may have you believe that you require food. If you have eaten a low carb health bar for example (one that contains maltitol) to give you a ‘feel-good’ lift, your diet attempts become doubly thwarted. You have eaten a low-nutrition snack and now you feel compelled to eat more to ease the stomach discomfort.

So if your weight loss efforts on your low carb diet aren’t as you desire, check your cupboards for low carb pre-packaged foods. Read the labels. If you find any with maltitol, get rid of them!

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