A low carb diet is an effective, healthy way of losing weight and this bold statement has been proved by many scientific studies. If you are the type of person who does a weigh in every day, you can run the risk of being discouraged if the scales don’t drop daily and may even think that your low carb diet isn’t working.

Low Carb Weight Loss Diet

We love to measure our progress and scales are an easy tool to use. However as the real goal is actually fat loss rather than weight loss, scales don’t tell the full story.

If you are following a low carb diet and you are not losing as much weight as you desire, it can be due to other factors and not just food intake. For example are you exercising harder than you did before? Are you drinking plenty of water, more than you did before? If so these can all affect what the scales are telling you.

Muscle Weight Gain vs Fat Loss

If you are exercising religiously, you are of course gaining muscle. So you could be losing fat at the same time as you are gaining muscle, therefore appearing to weigh the same on the scales.

This is particularly true for people who decide to go on a low carb diet and start working out to build muscle growth. To be able to determine whether you are losing fat in those undesirable places, instead of relying on the scale use a tape measure. If your waist is getting smaller but your body is becoming more toned, then it doesn’t matter what the scales are telling you.

You can consult a professional if you are really worried about your efforts. They can measure your body fat percentage and you can do this once a month.

Taking pictures is also helpful as it helps you see those obvious signs of weight loss. If your clothes are becoming looser then it simply means that you are already losing weight in the right places and just ignore it if your scale tells you otherwise.

Is Your Carb Intake Low Enough?

Every person has a different level of carbohydrate sensitivity. If you have been on a low carb diet for some time and you notice your weight starting to plateau then it is possible that you need to further reduce your carb intake. Your body is happy at the carb intake you are on, so you are neither going up or down. This is the level of carbs you want to be taking once you reach your desired weight as this is your body’s perfect carb absorption for maintaining weight rather than reducing weight.

Try lowering your carb intake to 50 grams a day and eliminate most fruits from your diet during this time. However, berries can still be eaten in small amounts. If going as low as 50 grams per day still don’t work, try going as low as 20 to 25 grams a day, but only temporarily. You have to find your ‘sweet spot’.

Are You Eating Whole Foods?

A low carb diet is not only about lowering your carb intake. You have to make sure that you replace your carbs with whole foods so you will still be able to get the nutrients that your body needs for optimum health. Adherence to a properly structured diet plan such as the Atkins Diet will result in better, not lessened, nutrition.

Stay clear of processed foods or ‘low fat’ foods, even if they are branded as healthy. Nothing beats whole foods in terms of nutrient content. You also need to increase your protein and fats while you lower your carb consumption. Healthy fats serve as the best alternative for your body’s source of energy. Olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados are a few examples of healthy fat sources.

Avoid cutting back on carbs and fats at the same time or you will run the risk of feeling lethargic and lacking energy. You will also start feeling hunger pangs which will increase your tendency to binge on the wrong foods and ultimately destroy all the hard work you have done.

So if you are wondering why you aren’t losing weight on your low carb diet, you are basically doing something wrong somewhere, or you are building a super toned, muscled body that is about to prove you are doing everything right!

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