Don’t Panic! Prepare…

The Corona virus is now spreading all over the world, and since there’s no medication or treatment to be expected anytime soon, it might seem that we are helpless and there’s nothing we can do. However, that’s not true. Viral and bacterial infections have been among us from the beginning of time, and we humans have always survived them, even in times when there were no vaccines.

Things We Can Do

Although you should take this pandemic very seriously, there are things we can do to stop the spread, but also things we can do to strengthen our immune system so it can fight when we would get contaminated.

First, if you didn’t read our previous article on things we can do to stop the spread, as well as some practical tips to prepare, go read that first. You can find it here:
How To Protect Yourself From The Corona Virus

Since a vaccine is predicted to take at least another 18 months, our best line of defense is strengthening our immune system. For that reason we wrote a 45 page report with a lot of powerful tips to help you boost your immune system.

Corona Virus: A Guide To Boost Your Immune System

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Corona Virus: A Guide To Boost Your Immune System
It’s free to download! No name or email required. We just want to help as many people as possible in these challenging times.

In this report we address in a practical and efficient way, how you can protect yourself against the corona virus or any alien microorganism that enters the body.

Governments are taking decisions to protect us with simple steps like limiting our physical interactions, and cleaning our hands. However, since this virus is spreading through the air, not shaking hands, cleaning our hands often, and keeping people at distance might not be enough.

Staying away from social gatherings in physical places is certainly good advice, but how long can we stay in quarantine, locked in our houses, or worse in a room? Certainly not a feasible solution for the long term.

As authority figures do not foresee to have an anti-COVID-19 virus anytime soon (predictions are that it will take at least 18 months…) we need to realize that all of us will be affected, but more importantly some of us will be infected.

No one expected an outbreak of this magnitude until it happened. And wherever in the world you live, we hope you’re managing as best as you can.

The unknowns make a viral outbreak like this so scary:

  • When will this outbreak end?
  • What works to fight it in the meantime?
  • And when might we have a real treatment?

The knowns can help or hurt us:

  • How fast is the virus spreading globally and where?
  • What about the relentless FEAR propagated by media, friends, and even family members who bombard us with worry and panic?

All this information combined with fear, and the relatively unknown can feel overwhelming and exhausting. If your anxiety is running high or cortisol levels are keeping you up at night, we hear you, because we’re dealing with the same concerns.

Let Us Help Calm You A Bit


Feel your lungs? That’s what the virus targets and what you must protect. Know that none of us is immune to COVID-19. It is a novel virus. 80-85% of us will have a very mild experience with the virus — a cold or flu-like symptoms.

A few of us may experience far worse symptoms, many think this will happen to people 60 years or older, however that’s not true. In Europe there are many in intensive care that are young adults too. What is sure though is that the ones who will suffer more, are those with a weak immune system.

It’s incumbent on us to help protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, to bolster our immune systems and minimize infection.

Don’t Panic, Prepare

We will survive this pandemic, because our bodies are incredible sophisticated fighting machines. Medical institutions are so busy trying to cope with the many new cases that arrive in the hospitals, that they can only focus on how to handle the emergencies. But at The Bio Body, we feel the need to come out and share what you can do to increase your immune system, and to help you be prepared the best as you can to survive this COVID-19 strain of the Corona virus.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We’re not physicians or MD’s. So, for legal reasons we have to mention that we are not offering any professional or medical advice. And that you should always consult with your doctor if you have a health condition that requires treatment.

But we know a thing or two about natural healing. And we want to contribute, help as many people as possible. And we want you to know that you can protect yourselves when you come in contact with a virus or get infected.

What we share are a few natural ways to strengthen your immune system

They are easy to do, and apart of some discipline you will need – to make the necessary changes in your daily routines – it will make you physically stronger in the battle against this pandemic, or any other illness or disease.

Corona Virus: A Guide To Boost Your Immune SystemYou can download the report here:

Corona Virus: A Guide To Boost Your Immune System

It’s free to download! No name or email required. We just want to help as many people as possible in these challenging times.

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