A sparse amount of inflammation in your body is normal. It’s your body’s way of fighting off foreign invaders, by attacking the spot where it’s not well. But sometimes your body has chronic inflammation, and this is directly associated with diseases that you need to cure or treat, unless you want to suffer needlessly.

There are many causes for inflammation in the body — and everyone is different. It could be that you have inflammation due to your diet. Many people address their diseases based on food choices alone.

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Other factors that can contribute to inflammation in the body are stress, a nicotine habit, diabetes, or even just being a couch potato. Sometimes your inflammation might be caused by a lack of good oral hygiene — since gum disease results in inflammation in the body, too.

Some things are hereditary and can’t be controlled, but can be treated by you to alleviate the symptoms that you experience. Others are completely within your control and if managed well, can reduce or eliminate inflammation completely.

When it comes to food choices, you can almost guess which ones aren’t good for your body. Red meat and sugar are two biggies. Trans fat not only contributes to heart disease, but it causes inflammation in your body, too.

Sometimes one food will affect one person negatively, but not do any harm to someone else. You might see relief trying out a low carb diet that’s high in protein. Some men and women see inflammation subside when they switch to a gluten-free diet, and in today’s markets there is a whole host of gluten free options to choose from.

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Just as there are foods that cause inflammation, there are those that fight it. If you make good choices, such as high fiber fruits and vegetables, you could see a marked reduction in your inflammation.

Technically, your body sees the cause of the inflammation coming from the white blood cells, which get released into your blood stream and flood into whatever you’re experiencing pain, swelling and redness in. You may even feel heat emanating from your affected area.

The chemicals in your body during this time sometimes result in swelling from fluid build up, and this means you’re in pain until the inflammation subsides. Sometimes your immune system seems stuck — it doesn’t back down.

When this occurs, it’s a sign that you have a chronic inflammation disease and you’ll need your doctor’s help or lifestyle changes to fix the problem. Even if it temporarily subsides, you might need to get help to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

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