Mental Benefits Of Yoga


Besides the obvious health benefits of Yoga, the poses, meditation, deep-breathing and stretching can also help your mental well-being. Increased body awareness, relief of chronic stress and relaxation are just a few of the [...]

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Yoga For Health


People often turn to Yoga for health and the preventative and therapeutic benefits it offers. The body and mind can be renewed by the stretching and deep breathing involved without having to risk injuries [...]

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What Is Bikram Yoga?


*Bikram Yoga is yoga postures performed while in a room where the temperatures are higher than normal. It’s also known as “hot yoga” and for that reason, should never be practiced by those expecting [...]

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What Is Ashtanga Yoga?


*Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga that teaches the eight limbs of yoga. It focuses on controlling one’s breathing through the movements, controlling the senses by not allowing distractions to interrupt the art, and by [...]

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