Holistic Skin Care


Some people are blessed with naturally good skin which has small pores, even tone and is neither dry nor oily. Others have good skin as children, but when they hit puberty, their skin condition [...]

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Total Wellness — Is It A Journey Of The Mind?


How Important Is The Mind In Your Journey Towards Total Wellness First of all we need to address that your definition of Total Wellness is a very personal one, and might be very different [...]

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Aromatherapy — Is it Science or Myth?


Aromatherapy As A Form of Alternative Medicine The term aromatherapy refers to a form of alternative medicine that uses liquid plant materials, also known as essential oils.  Proponents of aromatherapy believe that these compounds [...]

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Is Your Sunscreen Dangerous?


Could there be a serious health hazard lurking in your sunscreen? It's not the first time that health dangers and warnings of unhealthy ingredients in sunscreens come to the forefront. However, in summertime it's [...]

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