Can Aromatherapy Help For Pain Treatment?


*The Arthritis Foundation is just one of many respected health organizations that believes in the power of aromatherapy for pain treatment. Furthermore, different scents and essential oils have proven effective for treating different types [...]

Can Aromatherapy Help For Pain Treatment?2017-11-15T10:42:40+07:00

Test For Inflammation In The Body


*A test for inflammation in the body is not something that we do regularly. In part because of anti-inflammatory medications, some people believe that having an inflammation in the body isn’t a big deal [...]

Test For Inflammation In The Body2017-11-07T18:27:18+07:00

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?


A sparse amount of inflammation in your body is normal. It’s your body’s way of fighting off foreign invaders, by attacking the spot where it’s not well. But sometimes your body has chronic inflammation, and [...]

What Causes Inflammation in the Body?2017-10-12T19:44:44+07:00

5 Easy Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain


Neck pain is a common problem that many people experience at one point in their lives. You can get a stiff neck if you slept in a bad position or maintained a slouched posture [...]

5 Easy Stretches to Relieve Neck Pain2017-10-12T15:56:28+07:00

Inflammatory Diseases


* Inflammatory diseases are more researched in modern medicine than in previous years. They can stay undetected in your body for months, even years…slowly spreading. They can cause heart attacks, stroke, even cancer. Previously, some [...]

Inflammatory Diseases2017-10-03T19:05:38+07:00

Mammograms 101


Have you ever had a mammogram? If you’re a female and over the age of 40, it is imperative you do so. Mammograms are an effective tool available to many women to aid in [...]

Mammograms 1012017-09-09T17:45:52+07:00

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation


*More and more diseases are popping up that are categorized under “Inflammatory Diseases” because doctors don’t know the exact cause or criteria for an accurate diagnosis. Traditionally, doctors understood inflammatory diseases to be things [...]

Free Book: Inflammatory Diseases – How To Decrease Inflammation2017-09-09T12:40:02+07:00

5 Tips For Seniors To Avoid Falls


* You probably have an older relative that has suffered some type of injury from a fall. This shouldn’t surprise you, considering the fact that falls are actually the leading cause of both nonfatal and [...]

5 Tips For Seniors To Avoid Falls2017-08-14T10:06:14+07:00

2 Signs That The Summer Heat Is Getting To You


*Many people die from heat-related illnesses each year. One way to avoid that is to know the signs that the heat is getting to you. Keep reading to learn about protecting your health. Illness [...]

2 Signs That The Summer Heat Is Getting To You2017-08-01T15:37:16+07:00

Staying Cool Inside This Summer


Elevated temperatures can send you running inside this summer. If you are looking for ways to stay cool, here are some ideas. And, you can save money as well. As the thermometer gets red, [...]

Staying Cool Inside This Summer2017-07-17T09:01:58+07:00