Swimming for Fitness This Summer


Swimming is said to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. The stress on your joints is minimal, because you're held up by the water. And you use your whole body when [...]

Swimming for Fitness This Summer2017-08-07T17:44:10+07:00

Rock Climbing for Fitness – What You Should Know


Have you thought about rock climbing for fitness? If so, then you probably have questions. It's a good idea to learn about the basics before undertaking this exciting sport. Also, you might not know [...]

Rock Climbing for Fitness – What You Should Know2017-08-01T16:01:26+07:00

Can Stretching Prevent Injury?


*Nothing is so certain that doing it will guarantee prevention of an injury; stretching is no different. However, that is not to say that stretching is worthless; quite the contrary! While stretching will not [...]

Can Stretching Prevent Injury?2017-08-01T15:52:38+07:00

Exercising Outdoors In The Heat


Now that the sun is out you can stop hiding indoors and head on out for a bit of fun. Exercising outdoors is invigorating but can also be dangerous if you are not equipped [...]

Exercising Outdoors In The Heat2017-07-17T08:55:20+07:00

Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking


One of the most enjoyable ways to get fit this summer is by hiking and walking. There are ways to make your walk or hike more beneficial and successful. Here are some of the [...]

Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking2017-07-10T15:04:01+07:00

What Is Dynamic Stretching?


Dynamic stretching has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. This warm up technique helps to prevent injuries that could occur during workouts or sports competitions. It is an essential warm [...]

What Is Dynamic Stretching?2017-07-03T12:57:56+07:00

Get Fit With Summer Games


One of the great things about summer is that many activities are fun. While going to the gym and doing indoor workouts can be a great way to stay in shape over the winter, [...]

Get Fit With Summer Games2017-07-03T12:24:14+07:00

Fitness Activities For Your Kids This Summer


There's an emphasis on kids getting fit these days, and during the summer months there are no school-based programs to keep kids active. If you're looking for ideas for fitness activities for your kids [...]

Fitness Activities For Your Kids This Summer2017-06-21T12:44:07+07:00

What Is Static Stretching?


*Static stretching is an exercise that involves extending muscles to its limit and then holding it at that position for some time. This exercise is done while the rest of the body is at [...]

What Is Static Stretching?2017-06-21T12:32:39+07:00

Fun Summer Activities That Keep You Fit


Are you looking for some fun summer activities that will also keep you fit? It's easy to get lazy in the summer, but if you combine fun with exercise it can be much easier [...]

Fun Summer Activities That Keep You Fit2017-06-21T12:09:49+07:00

Get In Shape With Bike Riding


*Riding a bike is one of those forms of exercise that doesn't always feel like exercise. As you are out enjoying the scenery and fresh air, it can seem more like a joy ride [...]

Get In Shape With Bike Riding2017-06-09T12:52:51+07:00

Health And Fitness Tips For Summer


*It's summer and the temperatures are rising! That means fun in the sun, extra light in the evenings, cookouts, and other seasonal activities. As you enjoy your summer, though, it's a good idea to [...]

Health And Fitness Tips For Summer2017-06-09T12:43:45+07:00