Anti-Aging Secrets Of Celebrities


*Do you ever wonder how certain celebrities maintain their youthful appearance as the years pass by? Certain Hollywood stars seem to have been blessed with the fountain of youth and look younger by the [...]

Anti-Aging Secrets Of Celebrities2017-10-12T19:57:07-04:00

Aging and Free Radicals


Aging is a mysterious process to many people. The theory of aging and free radicals has become quite mainstream in recent history. Understanding this theory takes a bit of technical knowledge. To understand free [...]

Aging and Free Radicals2017-10-09T19:08:46-04:00

Why Strength Training is Important as You Age


*As you get older, it’s more important than ever to take care of your health and stay active for as long as possible. The great news is that you can maintain and even improve [...]

Why Strength Training is Important as You Age2017-09-09T12:13:48-04:00

What’s New In Anti Aging Research


There have been multiple studies done over the years in the area of anti-aging. Many studies are still ongoing and there is new research continually being conducted as researchers try to figure out ways [...]

What’s New In Anti Aging Research2017-09-09T11:54:51-04:00

4 Nonphysical Benefits of Staying Active As You Age


Here Are 4 Life-Changing Benefits of Staying Active As You Age Exercise doesn't only helps keep senior citizens fit physically ... and socially, but emotionally and psychologically as well. You receive so many benefits [...]

4 Nonphysical Benefits of Staying Active As You Age2016-11-08T16:46:12-05:00

Holistic Approaches To Anti Aging


Numerous Tips For An Holistic Approach To Anti Aging Holistic approaches to anti-aging are not new. For thousands of years people in Eastern cultures have viewed lifestyle and self-care to be essential in facilitating [...]

Holistic Approaches To Anti Aging2016-11-08T16:59:39-05:00

Metabolism Changes With Age


Metabolism Changes With The Aging Process Do you need another reason to look forward to the aging process? Well you will not have to look far! Metabolism is the rate at which the body [...]

Metabolism Changes With Age2016-11-08T17:36:57-05:00

Holistic Approach To Anti-Aging


Slow Down Aging With A Holistic Approach As people live longer and longer many of us search for a way to slow down the effects of aging. Many people use different creams and gels [...]

Holistic Approach To Anti-Aging2016-11-08T17:41:25-05:00
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