*In our previous article about the benefits of reducing gluten we had to address some pretty scary stuff. I you did not read that article yet, you can find it here “The problem with gluten for some people.”

After you have read that article, you’ll know the most common illnesses linked to a gluten sensitivity. And if you are wondering how a slice of bread could be the source of your health problems, Dr. Mark Hyman explains in the video below how gluten — a common compound in many foods — can trigger chronic disease and even raise your risk of dying.

In his video “Gluten: What You don’t Know Might Kill You” he also tells you how to eliminate it from your diet, safely and easily.

So now let’s look on the sunny side of the scenario. Whether or not your system responds negatively to wheat and/or gluten, here are a few of the major benefits you receive when you reduce or totally eliminate the gluten protein from your diet.

Weight Loss

A lot of the foods which contain gluten are highly processed. These packaged foods often contain large amounts of calories and carbohydrates. When you trade out wheat, rye, barley and the many processed foods and snacks which contain gluten with fresh, wholesome, whole foods, fruits and vegetables, you can trim a lot of starch and fat from your midsection.

Your Digestive Health Improves

Ancient philosopher Hippocrates is known as the father of modern medicine. He famously stated time and again that, All human disease begins in the gut.” In the previous section of this report, you saw how negatively wheat and gluten can impact your digestive process. Your gut and digestive tract begins to heal almost immediately when you remove gluten from your diet, and when you replace those products with high fiber vegetables and fruits, your gut will thank you.

Energy Boost

When gluten causes intestinal permeability, all of the necessary vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat do not properly make it where they need to go. In the case of celiac disease, iron absorption is not healthy. This can leave you feeling drained and lacking in energy. Get gluten out of your life and you could notice a sizable boost in energy.

Healthy Cholesterol Level

Many of the processed foods that contain gluten send your cholesterol level through the roof. When you replace those foods with healthier choices, like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries, your cholesterol naturally returns to a healthy level.

Lowered Chance of Chronic Disease

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and arthritis sufferers experience fewer symptoms when they cut gluten from their diets. Your risk of contracting heart disease, cancer, diabetes and becoming obese or overweight drops considerably, since you are getting unhealthy foods off of your plate, and eating healthy foods in their place.

Important Note: Those impressive benefits come with one notable caveat – people that embrace a gluten-free diet could become lacking in fiber, zinc, niacin or riboflavin. This type of eating can also cause an insufficient amount of iron, folate, thiamin, calcium, vitamin B12 and phosphorus to enter your body. If you develop any symptoms which indicate a mineral deficiency, taking vitamin, enzyme and nutrient supplements to complement a no-gluten meal plan as recommended.

Gluten Free For Beginners Cover 3DWe created an e-Book that might interest you if you want to learn more about the benefits of reducing or cutting out gluten. It is free to download and you can find more information here: How To Go Gluten-Free For Beginners