* In any diet reaching a point where you seem to stop losing weight is called a ‘weight loss plateau’ and it can be very disheartening. A weight loss plateau is normal and it can also be experienced in any of the phases of the Atkins diet.

However, some dieters assume this is what is happening to them without considering their eating behaviors. If you reach this point, you first have to be honest with yourself.

What You Need To Do To Overcome The Weight Loss Plateau

1. Have Patience

Any person’s weight loss attempts will appear erratic. The scales can show the weight going down, then up a little, then down again and so on. Remember that your weight will vary over the day. Always weigh yourself at the same time of day, in the same clothes (or none).

Reaching a plateau in your weight loss plan can really test your patience and losing weight does require an enormous amount of patience. Don’t despair, it’s usually only temporary. Your body will adjust and ‘allow’ you to lose weight once more.

2. Don’t Be Careless

As dieters become accustomed to their low carb diet and their new weight, it can be too easy to fall into the trap of eating a little more or just one little treat. Do not reward yourself with food for anything, especially for losing weight! Choose healthier and longer-lasting rewards that will stay around to remind you of your good efforts.

Don’t be lazy in counting the carbohydrate intake of everything you eat, or rely on guesses to estimate how many carbs are in your meal. If you are careless, you will easily consume far more than your required carbohydrate intake. Your 35 gram estimate could be 55 or 65 grams.

If your carelessness is left unchecked you risk reversion to your body’s previous metabolic procedure, based on dealing with excessive carb intake instead of using fats as the main source of fuel as you have trained it to do.

The beautiful thing about the Atkins diet is that the proven program is highly structured through its phases. It needs no guesswork, only mindful adherence to the limits of the particular phase you are in.

A true weight loss plateau only happens when you are no longer making any progress with your weight loss despite following the Atkins program correctly.

3. Don’t Assume Anything

Many Atkins dieters make the mistake of incorporating some foods not listed in the acceptable food range. They assume the food is alright to add to their meal plan, especially if they are good in other areas. They basically make their own rules and continue to eat foods that are actually inappropriate and not considered a good inclusion for the Atkins program.

If you want to continue your weight loss regimen and overcome the weight loss plateau stop assuming and start eliminating those foods that seem questionable. If you are in any doubt about whether a certain food is okay, don’t eat it. Avoid it unless you make an effort to research and confirm its suitability to your diet plan.

It will also be beneficial if you get into the habit of writing everything you eat down. This will make it easier for you to track what you have eaten, so that if a plateau occurs you can look back over your carbohydrate intake and see what the problem might have been.

Keeping a food journal may seem like an extra addition to your daily to-do list but the results will surely outweigh the disheartening weight loss plateau effect and not knowing what caused it.

So be patient, don’t get careless and don’t assume anything. Write it all down and enjoy your weight loss achievements!

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