The Atkins diet is a low carb diet that promotes weight loss, while giving your body healthy foundations to maintain your desired weight goal permanently.

The Atkins Diet system is very attractive for anyone wishing to lose weight and learning how to keep it off. The first step, or induction phase, has immediate and noticeable weight loss results, which provides encouragement and helps set up a positive self-reinforcing loop.

Following the Atkins diet trains your body to consume carbs to a certain level that allows lipolysis to take place. To make this possible, you will first be required to eat only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.

As you proceed through the next phases, you can gradually increase this amount and the variety of the carbohydrate rich foods. As you do, you have to keep in mind your ACE – Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium – and the degree of carbohydrate consumption required for lipolysis to occur in your body.

Lipolysis occurs when your body starts to burn the fat stores you have in your body as a source of fuel for energy. The by-products of this process are called ketones which are released through your breath and your urine. These ketones serve as the chemical proof that your body is slowly burning the stored fats in your body.

Simply put, when the body is on a controlled carbohydrate plan, as recommended by the Atkins diet, it will become very efficient at utilizing its fat stores for energy. This process is a most efficient way of losing weight, safely and effectively, while at the same time reducing feelings of hunger.

Subsequent phases work to maintain the target weight while broadening the base of foods able to be eaten. This diet uses a tested formula that progressively allows the person to consume some carbohydrates without fear of regaining weight that has been lost. To properly undertake the Atkins diet, you have to go through four phases which make the entire process of losing weight and keeping it off safer, healthier and completely achievable.

How Does This Work?

This is possible while following the Atkins diet because you will learn to know your ACE, which refers to the amount of carbs that you may consume while still being able to maintain your healthy weight. If you stick to the ACE, you will never run the risk of regaining your weight.

The Atkins Lifetime Maintenance Phase

There are four phases in the Atkins diet and this is the fourth phase. This phase may seem a little more indulgent than the preceding ones as it allows an increased variety of good carbs.

The fourth phase teaches you how to maintain your desired weight for life through eating the ‘right way’. You will learn how to regulate your carbohydrate intake and know how to keep it within the range required for your particular metabolism.

As with all diets even though this is the desired effect, the Atkins diet is just like any other type of low carb diet if you do not follow it correctly. It certainly allows you to lose weight and you may keep it off for months, years, or hopefully for life, however to fully benefit you must adhere to the recommendations of each phase of the tried and tested plan.

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