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Paul Brighton: Founder of TheBioBody.comHi, my name is Paul Brighton. I’m the founder of TheBioBody.com and on behalf of everyone that is working and supporting our cause we welcome you to our views and news on a more natural way to become healthy and fit without the need to go extreme.

In this wonderful age of knowledge, information, scientific discoveries and advanced medical treatments, we should be some of the most fit, most healthy human beings. Nevertheless, you will most often find the opposite is true. For centuries we have been able to expand our life expectancy, but did you know that the new generation is the first one since decades that is predicted to have a life expectancy on the decline?

So how and why has this happened?

It seems that as we advance in one area, we regress in others, and somewhere along the way, we have seriously lost touch with a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical movement and healthy nutrition. Of course, the endless rows of goodies at the supermarket, and unlimited choices of junk food have not helped us in anyway.

Did you see the article from the New York Times about how the sugar industry paid scientists to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease… and instead shift the blame to fat?

The article is revealing the truth about this coverup that was discovered by a researcher at the University of San Francisco. The document showed that decades of food policy and food recommendations have been largely shaped by the sugar industry. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Personally I think many more coverups on health and fitness related topics will be uncovered. And hopefully they are revealed to us before more damage to our general health and fitness is done.

Our medical system has lost touch with our natural healing abilities




Although I am in awe of the technical advancement we have made in medical treatment and the precision of such surgical operations like a heart transplant, it is clear that our medical system has lost touch with our natural healing abilities, and that it has become a more mechanical money making institution instead.

Don’t get me wrong, the advancement of medicine and health care treatment is huge. However, we’re moving further and further away from the power of healing that nature provides. When was the last time you got prescribed a medicine based on the many herbs we used to use? Now we’re using chemicals instead, and with the number of side-effects most produce our bodies don’t seem to react so well to those.

And unless you are already going to a holistic health practitioner, when did you get a health treatment that was based on stimulating and supporting the natural innate healing powers that reside within you?

To me it’s pretty clear that Pharma and our traditional medical institutions are not the solution to all our ailments. Think about this for a moment; a doctor can fix a broken bone by putting it back into place, offer you a lightweight waterproof cast, eventually fix the broken bones with a metal plate and some titanium screws, but making the bone grow together is a natural biological process in the body that only the body knows how to produce.

With all the research, science and modern technology, there is no pharmacy or medicine in the world that can make a broken bone grow back together… Only your cells and your inner healing system in your body know how to do this.

Doesn’t that make you think?

Our inner healing system knows a natural way to heal most diseases and health conditions, and I like the new discoveries science is making through their research in quantum physics. Especially in regards to our physical bodies. In the theory of quantum physics our bodies are just energy. A huge number of cells vibrating at a certain frequency. We don’t want to go to technical here, but depending on the level of imbalance in that frequency, it can translate into ailment, pain and disease.

For me this also means that an ailment or a disease is not something that is permanent. And if you look at cancer for example, it’s not permanent, it’s a number of cells vibrating out of balance. And it’s a process in evolution too. Either they grow worse, or they restore themselves.

An ailment or disease is only an ailment or disease for as long as the vibration of those cells are out of balance.

Did you know that from the trillions of cells in our bodies, there is not one cell that lives longer than one year? All of our cells are constantly renewing themselves and it even takes several days after we die for the cells to slowly die too… You can read more about this here: How we are constantly reproducing ourselves.

This makes me believe that if we can make these cells vibrate in balance again, the ailment, pain or disease should disappear!

Just look at how healthy people are that practice meditation, tai-chi or yoga on a daily basis. These are all practices that have “creating balance” in body and mind at their core and therefore help keep balance in the vibration of our cells too. Do you start to see a correlation and some logic in why so many articles are published about the broad health benefits of these practices? And do you start to see why they slow down our aging process too?

Does that mean you’ll need to learn to bent yourself in what might seem like impossible positions? Absolutely not! Look at the people that live a healthy lifestyle, with enough sleep, healthy eating habits, and enough physical movement to keep their bodies in great shape. They seem to vibrate that special energy of peace, calmness, confidence, health and younger beauty too.

Now, I am not a medical professional of any kind and do not hold a degree, I do not claim to be an “expert”, nor do I hold any specialized qualifications in that regard. However, I belief in the amazing power of our mind and bodies to heal most of our ailments.

Obviously if you have an accident or a viral infection our medical institutions are amazing. But from my experience most have evolved to a factory like production entity, that has no time to really investigate what is going wrong with you, let alone finding the root cause of your problem. To me it seems that they are more and more evolving to a mechanical process of health care with a priority concerned about the need to produce the numbers for their investors, shareholders and the pharmaceutical industry.

Luckily there are also more and more “holistic” health practitioners, that are turning away from “the system”. They start to refuse and will no longer subscribe medicine and drugs that can cause more harm than good. They take the time to listen to you, find out more about your lifestyle, and offer you recommendations for changing the bad habits so you can heal naturally and for the long term. They often use natural herbs in their treatment instead of chemical pharmaceuticals, and will prefer to look at a more natural way of healing first, before moving you to the more extreme treatments.

It also makes me think about health “prevention” and the old Chinese way of health practice. Did you know that many centuries ago farmer communities paid their Chinese doctors as long as their community was healthy? When someone was sick they stopped paying the Doctor!

I thought that’s a smart way to keep a community strong and healthy…

This also indicates that these Chinese health practitioners needed to educate their community on disease prevention, therefore staying strong, fit and healthy. And that is why they have so much natural herbs in their medicine. It’s also why methods like Qi Gong and Tai Chi are becoming more and more popular in our Western countries too. Especially with a new wave of people becoming more conscious about the value of their health and wellness and educating themselves on what they can do to stay healthy and fit.

Obviously the growing popularity of yoga in our Western worlds is and indication of that, and that’s why at TheBioBody.com we have separated our yoga information from the fitness category because yoga is so much more than fitness that it deserves it’s own category on our blog. Qi Gong and Tai Chi are in the same breed as Yoga, and especially Qi Gong could be a good alternative for people that “think” they are to old, to overweight, to stiff, to this or to that… for yoga.

Tai Chi is more like Yoga an exercise that calms the mind and body, and build muscle strength and inner strength because of the many balancing exercises. While Qi Gong is more of a breathing exercise that supports any other exercise program that you follow. It’s one of the core practices of all martial art programs, and if you see how fit and strong these practitioners are, you might start to pay a little bit more attention to breathing exercises too.

Most of the people I meet breath in the wrong way. They breath in the chest which makes them not only short of breath very easy, but also makes them easily anxious and stressed. The natural breathing — the one you were born with — is breathing through your diaphragm. Meaning you inhale the breath through your longs (who serve as a filter to purify the air, not to store the air…) into your belly. And when you breath out, you breath out for a longer time than you needed to breath in.

When you are breathing correctly it is not your chest that goes up but your belly that expands. And if you are wondering why correct breathing is so important, consider this:

  • It was believed that we could only survive for a few days without food. But now we know that you can survive without food for many months (I believe the record is over one year or 364 days by a Turkish prisoner that was in a hunger strike.)
  • It was believed that we could only survive without water for maximum 2 or 3 days. But since 911 we now know that you can live without water for over 10 days.
  • Okay I know the above are extreme circumstances, but amazing right?
  • Now consider this… How long do you think you can survive without air…?!?

I believe the record is now beyond 7 minutes, which is also pretty amazing, right? Just try it… Or maybe not…;) But my point is that if you have to prioritize feeding your body with one of the 3 things we can’t survive without, what would that be? Obviously air, your breath, right?

What Does Water Do For You?


Consider this if you’re having health issues!

There is a reason why your body wants to rest when it’s sick. Because when you rest you not only slow down your breathing but also breath more deeply through your diaphragm. There is a reason why people report that when they go to the Swiss Alps they return energized. There is a reason why when you have a walk in a park or in nature you feel different, more calm and relax, more clear in your mind and at peace with yourself and the world…

  1. Breathing and fresh air is your #1 method to not only survive but to make your physical apparatus operate and stimulate your inner healer. It’s only logic that the more healthy the air you breath, the more healthy the oxygen is that comes in your blood stream, your cells, your mind… And obviously the more healthy you will be. And how much does this miracle treatment cost…?!
  2. As up to 60% of the human adult body is water, it is logic that the #2 most important substance comes from what you drink. Sure there is water in alcohol and diet cokes too, but the purer the water the healthier your body. And yes water becomes more and more polluted and expensive too, but it’s still healthier and cheaper than the rest of the liquid stuff that we can buy.
  3. Then comes what you eat. The most healthy you can eat is unprocessed food and organic produce as close as possible to nature. However with that said, even food from nature can be poison or medicine to the body, so you better educate yourself and learn to know what is best for you. And don’t you find it strange that the price of fresh fruit and produce starts to become more expensive than the processed food? Isn’t there more work involved in “processing” the food. How can it be more expensive, unless there is less in it…? Questions I ask myself, and maybe you do too?
  4. Obviously physical movement is another important part in becoming healthy and fit, because it stimulates the breathing and helps activate your metabolism and drives the oxygen to your cells. However, as with everything, you can overdo exercise, and unless you train for an athletic performance, you don’t need to exercise “hard” to be healthy, strong and fit, that’s a myth we’ll debunk for you too. Oh, and bye the way, bodyweight training, running, dancing, moving…it’s all free too!
  5. Sleep. Often the importance of a good night sleep is ignored, but it’s a crucial process for all your physical and mental faculties to rebalance themselves. If you are sleep deprived you’ll be more sensitive to stress, ailments, and disease. Not to mention you’ll become a grumpy person too… And yes, you can spend a decent amount of money on a special mattress and pillow if you want to, but you don’t need to, unless you’re already in a bad shape…

Now, and again, with all that said, please know that we don’t want to play down the incredible progress science has made in our health care, because it is truly amazing. But what I want you to understand is that we can no longer ignore that we live in a society where treatment rules over prevention, where the medical community shuns (or hides) natural treatments (because they don’t know how to make money from it?), and where consumers have to take matters into their own hands if they want to be educated about all their options.

We’ve been lied to for so long by our governments, doctors, the food industry, and the media, it’s hard to know what is true and who to trust!

When it comes to your health, you need to know that you’re not at the mercy of your genetics and you don’t have to rely on drug treatments for everything. You also can’t rest on your laurels until something bad happens — you need to take a preventive approach to your health while addressing any issues that have already crept up.

If you have tried many pills, potions and programs that promised amazing health, fitness and beauty turnarounds in a very short time, and you’re still not in the best shape of your life or feeling much better than before, you’ll probably know by now that most are a fad and that savvy marketers use psychologic triggers to play with your mind to make you believe in the “magic pill”.

That said, there are many programs that can help you create a more healthy lifestyle too. They can get you healthy and fit in a relatively short time. With “relatively” we mean that you might have spend years living an unhealthy lifestyle and compounding the pounds, but changing to a strict regime can bring you back to a decent level of health and fitness within a few months.

I know we are living in a society of instant this and instant that… That’s why the fast food industry, mechanical health care institutions and pharmaceutical industry are flourishing and doing so well… But if you have ignored your health and fitness for a few years, and you can get back in “a decent shape” within three months, and then into a level you’ve never expected for yourself within a year…that’s a pretty good deal to me.

The thing is, to get healthy and fit to a level that is impressive and to be one of those “before and after” pictures you see, you need to follow those programs to the tee. And with life happening around us at warp speed and plenty of temptations, it becomes more and more difficult to stay focused and disciplined and change your old lifestyle to a totally new way of healthy living.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get healthy and fit without enjoying some pleasures of life. All depends on your ambition and how you look at life. If you want to get into the race, and you look at 90 days as your end-date, you better have incredible willpower and discipline. The thing is, most of us don’t come prewired with a lot of willpower…

If you are currently eating gluten with all your meals — croissants in the morning, a few donuts in between, double or triple cheeseburgers for lunch, a nice chocolate cake for your tea time, and half of a multi wheat bread in the evening — and you want to go wheat free as of today…you’ll not only have an amazingly hard time, mentally, but you’ll also have to suffer some serious detoxing conditions that can feel like you’re getting worse than you were before…

Not to mention that there’s a 99.99% chance that you won’t make it…

Now if you would have approached it with more caution, and start to leave out wheat and gluten for one meal per day for one week, let’s say for diner. And if that goes right, then try to cut out wheat and gluten for another meal, let’s imagine lunch. And you keep making progress steadily and constantly, you will be wheat and gluten free within a few weeks…

That’s why at TheBioBody.com we want to change the hardcore approach to help people get healthy and fit, by working step-by-step towards a healthy lifestyle that lasts forever. Healthy living should not have an expiry date, and it also should not be so strict that you can’t enjoy the many pleasures and temptations of our current modern life. Being disciplined and strict becomes natural when you progress to a certain level.

If we want (or need) to lose weight, but Christmas time is coming up, it can be extremely difficult to resist the abundance of “creative food” and slip away from our healthy eating plan into the more calorie rich preparations of this world’s amazing cooks…

If you didn’t fitness for years, and you finally decide to get started again, but choose a plan that asks you to follow extreme workouts for an hour per day, 6 days a week, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s not that the fitness program is not good or doesn’t work, it does. But, it’s that you are going from one extreme to another and didn’t consider the impact of such a drastic change on your lifestyle, your physical body, and your mental state.

If you start out with a program, and you went for it with all the energy and devotion that you could come up with at the time, but then suddenly a few days or weeks later find yourself stalled, because your muscles are sour, your body in pain and you feel mentally confused… Don’t be to hard on yourself. You’re not alone! Probably 99% of us have this experience in such situation, and that’s the reason that health turnarounds, getting fit, and having weight loss success that stays for the long run, is rather “unusual…”

Yes, you read that right!

Only a few people break through those barriers and become successful at their goal. But most don’t even set real proper goals. It’s often just a spontaneous reflection. They are fed-up with their situation, how they look or how they feel, and they just decide in a wimp to lose weight, get healthy or fit.

Without giving your change of lifestyle a decent amount of thought before you even start, you’ll have not much to fall back upon when you’re drawn back into your daily habits, or when the roads get tough.

Forget What Everyone Says Is Good For You

The American Health Association states that you need to fitness at least 30 minutes a day, every day. But if you didn’t fitness for months or years, forget about what everyone says is healthy and what you should do. You’re the only one who can tell where you are at right now, where you want to go from here, and how much time you want to devote to it.

If you would have started with two days a week, that would have soften the time commitment and impact on your body. But not only that, if you didn’t fitness for years, but now start to fitness even only 1 day a week, it’s already an improvement and better than the week before were you did nothing, right?

Also, if one set of 30 minutes would be hard to devote to your fitness and health, you can perfectly cut those 30 minutes into three times ten minutes a day and you would soon feel so much better too.

And another thing, movement is what improving your fitness level is about! Obviously a personal trainer and the gym are the best choices if you have the time and the money. But, if you can’t imagine yourself going to the gym, you don’t need to. Maybe you enjoy walking in the park, bicycling, swimming, dancing…

Even with a small improvement of your diet and fitness (read movement…;), you will feel more healthy and strong in only a few weeks time. This might be the trigger you need to get the hang of it, and commit to a day more, and a day more, and a day more…

Learn To Listen To Your Body

And before you know it you’ll not only have integrated a more healthy diet and some form of movement in your every day, but you’ll probably have discovered what you like and enjoy about it to the point that it has become an integral part of your newly adopted healthy lifestyle. So much so that at a certain point you can’t even imagine going back to your old habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

That’s why at TheBioBody.com we try to make things simple. Educate yourself, take responsibility for your choices, find peace and balance with it, and enjoy what you’re doing. And if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, make the changes you need to satisfy yourself again…

With that we mean everything is okay in moderation. If you’re having a big month with weddings and many different parties coming up, you’ll probably will be overdoing it the other way, the unhealthy way. Just know that partying, eating fatty foods, binge watching tv — it’s all okay too…occasionally! As long as you can take control and go back to the healthy lifestyle choices you made before.

However, realize this, if you do more of the “bad” stuff, you’re getting out of balance! And getting out of balance can create al kinds of nasty stuff. And if not immediately, you can be sure it will over time…

So, if it was a busy month for you, maybe a few too many late nights, dinners out and celebrations with friends, and maybe your waistline has slipped a belt notch too …;), take a cleanse, get serious about your important goals, recommit to a healthy lifestyle.

Sounds good?

If it does, join us!

At TheBioBody.com we’ll introduce you to:

  • How it’s possible to get healthy and fit in a natural way at any age
  • How you can slow down your aging process and age more gracefully
  • A variation of different ways you can get in a better shape than you are in right now
  • And how moving into a healthy lifestyle is not as hard and difficult as you might think

The topics we cover are:

  • Natural health and alternative health practices
  • Healthy nutrition, herbs, diets, recipes and eating habits
  • Functional fitness you can do anywhere, anytime, anyhow
  • Beginners Yoga for all age categories and whatever your condition
  • Wellness, beauty and anti-aging for body, mind and soul

If you want to go extreme with your fitness, yoga or diet, we are probably not the right source for you. But there are plenty of websites that cover the more hardcore workouts and diets. At TheBioBody.com we want to help people who are ready to create a more healthy lifestyle, without having to go extreme.

Even if we will address some more hardcore workouts once and while for those that are wanting it, we approach your health and fitness as “a work in progress” and propose a rather smooth more natural way to start and transition from one level to another, while allowing yourself space and time to live and enjoy your life.

It’s more easy than you think to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and see major improvements in your weight, the way you feel, and your overall health very quickly. And the best part is that it’s very possible without having to eat gross diet foods, starve yourself, or take supplements… you may not even look at going to the gym the same way you used to…

…heck, you may not even need to go to the gym, as we will also talk about yoga and fitness at home, outdoors, or when you’re on the road traveling.

If you’re tired of fad diets and exercise programs that just don’t seem to work or give you lasting results, and if you are interested to learn more about simpler and easier ways to create a healthy lifestyle you can sustain, we invite you to join The Bio Body Club and sign-up for your FREE membesrhip.

We’ve put together a little something to help you get started…;)

Paul Brighton
Founder of TheBioBody.com



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